I’m alive. Packed with thoughts. Wanting to share but all locked up inside. But I am still here and I’m sure the floodgates will open soon.


When Words Run Out.

I’m going through one of those spells where I don’t feel the urge to write very strongly. Maybe I just have no content, or maybe the content on my mind is just too overwhelming for me. Either way I just don’t know what to do about that. My life has a very specific set of issues right now, and I just feel redundant repeating it all the time when nothing fun, or hilarious happens in between. It’s just illness, with some pain, throw in a little “hi, I’m still crazy, the doc said so!” with a dash of “OMG iOS 7 came out and it took forever to download on my iPad and iPhone! (First world problems.)” Of course there ARE other things going on, and while I’m ok with talking about my issues most of the time, when it involves the privacy of others, well, you know…it’s only fair that this isn’t a place for that.

So, I’m just waiting, waiting for the writers block to lift I guess and the words to become interesting again.