Therapy By Abe Lincoln

Sometimes the best outings are the impromptu ones. Last night I just looked at Ken and said “Let’s go out.” Not even hesitating, he nodded and said “yeah, let’s do it”. Just like that we packed my camera bag, hopped onto the metro at 7pm and headed into the city. After one transfer and some metro reminiscing we ended up at the Smithsonian station, where we just started walking and photographing the National Mall. My DLSR gave out around the Washington Monument, and I had to iPhone it from there but whatever, we were having fun. We walked the Vietnam Memorial, and ended it with sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial is a special place for me. I’ve spent a lot of time there day and night, sitting on those steps. Thinking about my life when i was happy, sad, anxious about things. Staring at others doing the same. The tourists, the solo people, people eating lunch on their lunch breaks. Its just one of those places where you can people watch every type of people imaginable and yet be lost in your own mind all at the same time. (and no one thinks you are insane if you run down the steps screaming JEN-NAY!!!!! and racing toward the reflecting pool. However security frowns on trying to get IN the water to meet up with the imaginary Jenny from Forrest Gump.)

We got our fill of sightseeing and tourist madness, (even met a couple willing to take a rare picture of us and is emailing it to us later!) and decided to walk to a different metro station to soak up a little more of the city before getting our grub on in Chinatown. Basically in Chinatown you just walk into a place and start eating and the place we chose had the usual chinese and sushi fare, and was pretty decent. We even went all out and split a bottle of sake. What’s nice about the city, is that kitchen’s are still booming at midnight so you can pretty much get a full meal anywhere on a Friday night, depending on what you want. We also discovered a THREE STORY WALGREENS with gourmet food in it, in case that’s of interest to anyone out there, because we were fascinated.

The impromptu night out was just what I needed to pretend I wasn’t in the pits of depression for a few hours, maybe even help me climb out with a little inspiration. That I can always come home, see my happy places and things can be ok for a few hours, when I can muster up the energy to get it together and try to get to them.


There’s No Place Like Home.

Going home is always so cathartic for me. Traffic sucks but I just love being back in DC even for just a few days. I’m excited to hop on the metro today for old times sake, a little of the traffic nonsense on the Beltway was even comfortingly familiar. Today I woke up to DC news. I learned that a taxi accidentally followed the Obama motorcade through the security gates and is in hot water, and another guy tossed a back pack of nothing in particular over the White House fence. Just another day in the district. But still its news that I miss hearing because I don’t get to hear about all the hotspots and suburbs I’m familiar with anymore. Funny, sad, bad, memories flood back and I enjoy it all as I watch TV, drive the streets, shop in stores or eat out and meet up with local friends and family. I do not hate this place, not at all. Its my heart. It’s just the traffic of having to plan my day around 6 hours of whats considered “rush hour” that I hate.

Today we are taking my grandmother refrigerator shopping. On the metro. As city people do. I’m expecting her to act lost just as usual, towering over the crowds, even though it’s at a stop we are both crazy familiar with. What would really funny is if we had to actually take a fridge home on the metro, but alas, they deliver for free. I’m pumped about the metro anyway because I spent half my life as a subway rat and it brings back all sorts of crazy, creepy, hilarious and even annoying memories for me. I might take my camera and pretend to be one of those tourists I hate so much.