I’ve switched the layout of this here old blog a bit. I believe I’m going to do that from time to time, flex my creative design license a bit. See what WordPress can do for me. I’d like to be a bit more interactive with this page in the future, because after all, it is my project, coming straight at you from my brain. It’s also important though that its pleasing to the eye, and interesting to read, as well as nice to click around on.

So now, at the top right of the page are the RSS feed, twitter, and Flickr logos. Clicking on them will let you subscribe and take you to my photostream respectively. This is definitely a “test” layout, so it might not always be like this but I will never take access to either of these features away. I’m just trying to find the best placement for them. In fact, I’ve added a “Photography” page as well, for me to have some fun rotating pictures I take and sharing them. IT’S LIKE A PICTURE LOTTERY, YA’LL! Feel free to comment on them any time you like, whether its my cats inappropriate display of genitalia, the adorableness of some of the kiddos I’m lucky to be related to, or whatever. It’s all welcome. I would like a better system for this section, but this is my working brainstorm for the moment.

This week has gotten quite busy. This guy, pictured below, is having a birthday. His name is Rhys and he’s the big 2. And as his proud aunt I want to run up to D.C. and smother him with hugs and feed him things made of sugar. So we plan on doing that. I can’t wait to hear what entertaining vocabulary he’s got in store for us this time.

Bring me cake.

It’s also coming up on my niece’s first day of Kindergarten so we are pretty excited for that big event and come bringing “school supplies” for everyone, to ease the transition we hope a little bit. Also, my grandmother needs to go to Costco with her sister and WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!

School has no idea what’s about to happen. It’s never going to recover.

Also we will be setting foot in the Pentagon for the first time in quite a while. Flashbacks to the place where it all began for Ken and I, maybe it’s something I even need. Even if all our friends being military, are no longer there, save one or two civilians. It’s where I met my best friend who became my husband, and its a good time to revisit that memory. There is a memorial going on for the Commander we worked under, who passed away a year ago, a wonderful Colonel, and if we can we are going to attend that, as we were unable to attend his funeral due to military obligations at the time. I’d like the chance to pay him a last respect, because he treated us as humans and coworkers on his team, rather than subordinates in a distant chain of command.

Ken, Col. Block, and I. Last day before we PCS’d to Ft Bragg. I was labeled “Benedictine Arnold”for choosing to leave with Ken over the Colonel and the clinic. He was a good man.