A Toe In The Water.

So here is a small rundown of my life the past couple weeks.

We got a Kuerig machine. I may have mentioned this already but I’m going to talk about it again. It’s like my most favorite appliance ever and I have a serious K Cup addiction going on. Ken and I have been making up excuses to brew up coffees, teas, and hot chocolate 5-6 times a day each. We really need to lay off this thing before I send myself through the roof. (Actually this has made no difference on my sleep pattern at all because my health just sucks like that but anywho….)

I’ve been cutting cutting cutting back on our expenditures to try and save money but we are still bleeding from the arteries with new things that keep cropping up. Cest le vie, right? But we did get rid of several of our cable boxes and rearrange our plan a bit and now just have Apple TV on the downstairs TV, I’m LOVING it so far, I spent more time in the living room now than when I had cable! Worth the investment, totally.

Ken was recently promoted. Finally, I can announce that his sergeant rank is official! We have been crossing our fingers for so long on this, knocked down so many times, fought for YEARS for this through several really tough setbacks and situations. I’m really proud of him, and I think he can do this well. If it doesn’t drive us both crazy….you know the military, same shit different day, no matter what day, and let’s say, shits stirring already this holiday season.

And in bizarre news, last week we had a domestic violence incident that the cops got involved in. By cops I mean, 20 squad cars, 30 cops, full riot gear, weapons drawn. They negotiated the release of the wife and child, then entered the house in all their gear and guns, ended up subduing the husband, taking HIS SNIPER RIFLE, and arresting him. This was my next door neighbor and I was in my living room with a front row seat when it all went down. Turns out the family was military as well. Needless to say, they are now being evicted and we can’t wait till our lease is up to vacate this place.


One thought on “A Toe In The Water.

  1. While domestic violence is not at a humorous situation, I can’t help but laugh that this went down next door. You guys are magnets for scary neighbors. Glad no one got hurt this time!!

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